it saddening to always realize that i can never go back to the person i was before. this world has corrupted my mind. im a corrupted person.


Bring Me Thy Failure

love this one.

Not This Song

Accepting ourselves, exactly as we are, is a theme that recurs in my writing–and when I figure out how to do it consistently, I’ll be sure to let you know. In a life that involves so many highs, lows, and struggles to repair the damage caused by the latest ones, I must cling to my spiritual beliefs about the worth of the human soul, the value of consciousness, and the meaning of our fight. I must cling to ideas that go against those of the success-obsessed culture I am living in.

I don’t belong to one religion, but I need regular doses of the spiritual thoughts expressed in the literature of various teachings. I don’t agree with everything Jesus is quoted as saying in the Christian writings–but some phrases speak to me with a powerful and tender voice. I’m not Jewish, or Hindu, or Muslim, or Buddhist, but I’ve read…

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sometimes i envy people who decided to kill themselves. i wish i had the strength to do it. been praying for it. i dont have a gun, but i fantasize on blowing my head off silencing this fucked brain of mine. i dont have a gun but there are tall places i could jump in like malls or buildings.

sometimes i env…